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Our Review Of KoreanCupid

KoreanCupid was launched in 2002 as a way for men from the west to meet girls who are from Korea. It was intended to be a clearinghouse for white men to find Korean brides, but it has expanded to give men from China, Singapore, and Thailand a chance to meet the woman of their dreams. The ladies who sign up for this site are often looking for a man who will take care of them if they move away from Korea, and these girls often come to their men with little to no skills. They have not been able to succeed in Korea, and they need a fresh start.

Members And Their Profiles

Members who make profiles on this site talk about trying to find friendship and love. They are hoping to get to know these ladies, and the ladies on the site will help these men learn what they want in a woman. Some men will marry the First Lady they meet, but others will need to speak to a lot of different ladies before they find the person they are looking for. These members are usually particular in what they say, and they make it easy for men or women to learn what they want. Users do not need to guess when they are reading these profiles.


Fake profiles are not typical on this site because the site monitors all the profiles that they create. They make sure that accounts that are lacking in information or send spam messages are deleted. Anyone who sees a fake account can report it, but most of these accounts get closed within moments of their creation.

How To Sign Up

You can sign up for this site at any time, and it allows you to fill out as much or as little of the profile as you want. You might want to add more information to your profile so that people will have an idea of who you are, and you could upload your ID to verify your identity. Most people with an authenticated ID will get hits on their profile.


The site allows you to sign up using your Facebook account. This is a much faster way for you to validate your account, and it prevents the site from closing down your account. People who do not verify their account after a certain amount of time will need to contact the site for help before their account is closed.

Sending the first message

Contacting members requires that you send hearts. You can send hearts to let people know that you are interested, but you need a premium account to send a message to people that you want to meet. If you’re going to have the freedom to send as many messages as you like, you should pay for premium. Someone who does not pay for premium must hope that a girl will find them interesting.

Users can search the site as much as they want, and they can filter their searches to find the girls they most want to meet. Using the search bar makes it much easier for you to change your searches. You can see girls who have the right build, height, and skills. You can meet girls from certain parts of Korea, and you can meet girls who are in a certain age range.

How To Make A Quality Profile

Making a quality profile is easier than you think. You need to use the site to your advantage by filling out every part of the profile. Answer all the questions. Use a good photo. Let the website show you how to create a good profile, and you will get more hits because girls can get to know you by reading your profile first.

You get the green verified badge on your account when you have filled out your whole profile. You need to verify your ID, and you need to have a complete profile at all times to keep the verified badge. People on the site tend to talk to authenticated users only.

Korean Cupid Android App

The Android app is just like the website. However, you get a few more options that make it easier to use on a touchscreen device. You get:

  1. The heart that helps you like someone’s profile and send them a heart.
  2. A recent messages tab that allows you to see any new messages that you’ve been sent. You are shown how many messages are unread when the tag is highlighted.

Real Life Reviews Of The Site

“I took a trip to Korea recently, and it has been on my mind ever since I got back. It is such a beautiful country, and it is a place that is filled with very nice people. I wanted to get to know more people from Korea, and I thought I might meet a girl who would have the same sensibilities as me. Because of this, I signed up for the three-month membership that allowed me to send messages to anyone that I wanted to at any time. I also wanted to have a chance to get to know people, and I sent endless messages to the people I met. All the people I met were very good at speaking English, and they let me learn a little Korean at the same time. I have been really focused on getting back to Korea, and I have many more reasons to go now that I have all these friends from KoreanCupid. Plus, I met a beautiful girl. I will take on a date when I go back.”

Chester—27, programmer and hiker

Is KoreanCupid easy to use?

The design of the site is very colorful, and it has been sent up to make the site easy to use. The categories all have their own tabs, and the categories allow you to pick the things that you need. You can search the site for girls that you want to meet, and you can look through the popular searches as you scroll through the homepage.


You will find that all the categories have their own features, and you might pick girls in the features before you start searching the site. The search tool has a little tab that allows you to refine the searches, and you should check those parameters before searching for the exact girl you want. 

Costs and prices

KoreanCupid is considered an upper-level dating app. You can get a free version of the app if you want, but you will pay a good bit of money every month for the premium membership. If you wish to cancel, you can do so at any time. If you have questions about your membership, you should send those questions to the site so that they can check your account. You can get discounts if you have a coupon, but the site does not have many coupons floating around.

Special features

The site has many unique features that include the opportunity to send people gifts or money in your messages. There are many special tokens you send when you have the premium memberships, and you ever get message translation that helps you talk to girls even if you do not speak Korean. You get a translation of their messages, and they get an interpretation of your words.

The Editor's Verdict

This website is the right place for you to start looking for a bride from Korea. You can start with the free membership, and you can spend some time trying to figure out if you want to use it. However, you need to take your time because there are a lot of girls, many features, and other options that you need to try. You might want to try the premium subscription for a month, and you will learn a few things about this site that will make your decision for you. You can cancel at any time, and you can buy a membership for a month if you have found a girl you really want to talk to.


Who Runs This Site?

KoreanCupiod is owned by an Australian company that manages many Cupid sites. They set up this site in the Korean market with the same design as other sites of the same type.

When Did KoreanCupid Start?

This site started in 2002 with an official launch. It has run uninterrupte3d since then.

Do I Need To Be Korean?

No. Anyone can join this site. However, men outside Korea needs to sign the IMBRA before they talk to any girls.

Do I Need To Be A US Citizen To Join As A Man?

Men from all over the world join this site to meet women. However, you need to sign the IMBRA document if you are from America.

Is KoreanCupid Legitimate?

This is a dating site that has been certified by worldwide licensors who check the legitimacy of online dating portals.

Are There Fake Profiles?

There are not many. The site does an excellent job of policing how profiles are created.

Membership Options

Is It Free?

You can sign up for a basic plan for free.

Is There A Premium subscription?

You can get gold and platinum.

Can I Cancel?

You can cancel at any time, and you can use the site on premium until your payment period ends.

Can I Delete My Account?

You can delete the account in the account settings.

Can I Take A Break?

You can take a break from your account by sending a message to the customer service staff.

Can I Get Refunds?

You cannot get a refund unless you show that you were charged improperly or services during the signup process.

User Experience

How Does This Work?

You can search for any girl you want, and you can sign up for a premium to send messages. You can send hearts at any time.

How Are Matches Created?

Matches are created by a personal dating profile you fill out.

Why Are Messages Not Sending?

You must be on premium to send messages first.

Can I Report Fake Profiles?

You can report fake profiles at any time.

Is There a Video Chat?

No. There is only text chat.

How Do They Handle Security?

The company has a security policy that ensures privacy for all members. People only give away any information that they volunteer to other users.

What Is The IMBRA Contract?

The international marriage broker contract is a safety device that is used to protect both parties. Anyone from the west has to fill out this form before they talk to girls from Korea. This helps protect these girls from abuse, and it puts these men in a system that collects the information from their forms. Abusers can be tracked using this form.