Vietnamese dating etiquette – Date Tips

The difference between the dating culture in the US and Vietnam

If you’re looking to date in Vietnam, dating often requires the support and approval of more than only the woman herself. Because of cultural reasons, most women feel they need the approval of their family and friends. And because of that tradition and certain norms that are in place, men and women are mostly separated in ‘what they should do or not do’.

Wanting a Relationship

In Vietnamese culture, women are generally discouraged from initiating a relationship because it makes her seem ‘easy’. And men typically initiate a relationship by getting to know the family of the woman. If the family is on board, permission will be asked to court the woman. Again, this is traditionally speaking. And traditionally speaking, most women are ‘expected’ to marry between 20 and 30. So make that work in your advantage if you will.

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Safe-ness and In-ness with her family

Family culture is event-based. The daughter wants to date? That’s an event, and the family ‘should’ participate. You want to plan a holiday? That’s an event, and the family ‘should’ participate. Looking for a long-term partner? That’s a decision that BOTH families ‘should’ participate in.

And if you’re the groom, you ‘should’ pay a certain amount of money into the let-the-villiage-thrive-fund. So while you’re keeping her safe, you’re also building a better life for her family.

I’m not here to shock or scare you with that, because some Vietnamese family homes aren’t that developed yet. But I am here to make you notice a certain threshold to stay over. One of keeping the girl safe, and ideally making her and her family feel safe and excited about dating you!

Here’s an interesting video I found while searching youtube, for vietnamese family culture…

Going Out

Going on a low-key public date is the next step. Something like drinking coffee, or sight seeing. Often she’ll be accompanied by friends. And both the planning for, and paying for, are your responsibility. Don’t plan things where her family doesn’t ‘see’ her, like a dark movietheater. Or a disco. Keep it PG.

Displays of Affection?

Culturally, most physical contact between couples is forbidden. You ‘may’ greet eachother by bowing.

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