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Our Review

Cupid Media owns 35 dating sites. VietnamCupid is one of the largest niche dating websites owned by the company. VietnamCupid currently has over 800,000 members and is the biggest Vietnamese dating site for men and women in and around Vietnam. However, VietnamCupid welcomes anyone interested in meeting Vietnamese singles. It’s a great way to learn more about Vietnamese culture, as well.

Most of VietnamCupid’s members are currently men. At the moment, around 35% of the member base is women looking for relationships. Most of the members are searching for serious relationships that will last. Some Vietnamese women are on the website to find their perfect match, whether it is another Vietnamese member or a Caucasian man.

Unfortunately, there is always the chance that fake profiles slip through and make it to the website. Many of these profiles contain scammers who are only out to trick and deceive members. Because of this problem, make sure any member you are in contact with on the website has been verified by the team at VietnamCupid.

Member Structure

VietnamCupid currently has over 800,000 members who hail from regions all around the world. While most of the members are from Asia, many others live in areas all over the globe. These particular individuals are part of the dating website because they wish to meet Asian singles and learn more about their culture and lifestyle.


Again, most of the members on VietnamCupid are male, as only 35% of members are female. Most of the members are single Vietnamese men who are trying to find someone who is of the same cultural background. However, you will see that many Vietnamese women are interested in dating white men.

The sign-up system

It’s easy to sign up and get started on VietnamCupid. To register an account, you will only need to complete two simple steps. You can sign up with your email or through Facebook, which is the faster option. Don’t worry- VietnamCupid will never post anything to Facebook without your consent. Signing up for VietnamCupid is totally free, but you will need to be of legal age to join. If you would like to experience a premium membership with VietnamCupid, you may wish to sign up for the Gold or Platinum membership. 


Sending the first message

There are various options for making contact with other members once you sign up. Just perform a basic or advanced search. VietnamCupid gives you the opportunity of searching for the following: romance, marriage, friendship, or pen pal. You can also narrow your search by lifestyle, background, appearance, or cultural values. This allows you to find the right person quickly.

If you sign up using the free, standard version of VietnamCupid, you will only be able to exchange private messages with members who pay for premium services. Two members who are signed up under the free option cannot exchange messages. However, you can still connect with other members under the standard option. You can add another member to a “favorites” list, and you can also utilize the “show interest” feature using this tier of membership.

On VietnamCupid profile quality

You’ll find that many of the profiles contain a lot of details of the person. You will also be able to tell if that person is online at the moment or not. You will also be able to see when they were active on the website last. The site also allows you to translate their profile information into English or Vietnamese.

A member’s profile can contain the following information: annual income, employment status, language ability, living situation, and home type. Members can change or update their profile any time they please. Remember, not every member will provide the same amount of details concerning their personal information. It is entirely up to each member what they choose to share.

Vietnam Cupid Android App

One of the perks of being a member of VietnamCupid is the convenience of using the app. This mobile version app is free and has been installed by more than 50,000 members. It is only for members who are 18 years of age or older. At the moment, only Android users can download the app.

Success Story & Review by Chad (32)

“I am a businessman who lives in the United States. A few months ago, my company scheduled a business trip to Vietnam. I had never been to the country before this trip, so I was hoping to meet a local woman who could show me around the area I would be staying in. Since I am single, I decided the best way to meet someone would be to join a dating service. I searched for a website that had more Vietnamese members, as I figured this would be the best way to find a Vietnamese woman. That’s when I stumbled across VietnamCupid.

I signed up and began to search the website. I sent a few messages to the Vietnamese women I saw who interested me. I was happy to find one particular lady who was delighted to message me back. She was friendly, sweet, and eager to show me around when I arrived in her country. We had a lot of lovely visits while I was there for my business trip. I began to really enjoy her company.

I’m back in the United States now, but I still talk to her every day. I’m so glad that I found this website and I plan to visit Vietnam in the future, this time for leisure. Vi, the woman I met, will be there waiting for me. Thank you for the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman.”- Chad (32)

Is VietnamCupid easy to use?

One of the best features of the website is how easy and uncomplicated the design is. Every section is appropriately placed and can be found easily. There are no crazy designs or fonts to distract the eyes!

The color of the website is primarily white with a little bit of light gray and green. You won’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups or ads while you are browsing profiles, as well. These simple factors make navigating the website simple and easy on the eyes.

Costs and prices

VietnamCupid prides itself on being a premium dating service. When compared to other online dating websites, VietnamCupid is on the higher end. If you sign up for a Gold or Platinum membership, you will be automatically renewed when the time comes. You can cancel your membership at any time by going to the “Billing” section in the Settings menu. You can find this on your profile page. Look for the question “Auto-renew my membership?” and click “No,” then “Save.” That’s it!

Special features

Many unique features will make your online experience an enjoyable one:

Message Filter

This feature allows you to filter any unwanted messages that you receive from members. They will be automatically saved to your filtered folder.


Add specific words to your personal profile that you think describes you the best. Members who are searching for a particular word will then find you in their results.

Our Verdict

VietnamCupid is a dating website that allows Vietnamese singles to meet others who are searching for someone with the same cultural values as them. However, non-Vietnamese are welcome to join. The free, standard membership allows members to match up with individuals they are interested in by the use of free features, such as sending interest, viewing profiles, and basic matching. A premium membership will be required for other functions. Anyone interested in finding a Vietnamese single, either for friendship or romance purposes, should sign-up with VietnamCupid today.

FAQ's (for if you're sceptical or like to dig into details)

Read our FAQ for answers to some of our most asked questions.

A member is trying to communicate with me, but I don’t want them to be able to – what can I do?

To stop another member from communicating with you, just click the “Block User” button. You’ll find this on the user’s message.

Can I report abuse from another member?

Yes, you can. Go to that user’s profile and click on the button that says “Report Abuse.”

Is it possible to hide a picture?

Yes, it is. Find the picture you wish to hide and click on the button that says “Edit Photo.” Below that you will see a button that says “Hide.”

What is the policy concerning pictures?

All photographs must be uploaded in .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

Other General Information

Is there a free app for the website?

Yes, there is a mobile app that is entirely free to download.

Where can I find the app?

At the moment, you can only download the app from the Google Play Store.

Where should I send copies of the documents I need to verify my account?

You can easily email your documents to for faster results. However, you can also mail them to the following address:


P.O. Box 9304

Gold Coast, MC QLD 9726


Am I able to change my email address in the system?

Yes, you can. Just go to the settings menu, which can be found on your home page, and select the button that says “Email address.”

What is the refund policy?

VietnamCupid will only issue a refund to a member who is having technical difficulties using the website.

Are my information and privacy secure?

VietnamCupid is dedicated to protecting our members’ information and privacy. To learn more, please go to the Privacy Policy Statement.

Who is Cupid Media?

Cupid Media currently owns and operates 35 dating websites all dedicated to a specific niche. Some sites are based on individual interested, religious preferences, ethnicity, and alternative lifestyles. Cupid Media launched its website in 2000.

I deactivated my profile but changed my mind. Can I reactivate it?

Yes, you can. Just log in and find the “Request Membership Reactivation” form. Fill it in so that we can reactive your profile. The VietnamCupid team will then review your request and reactive your account within 24 to 48 hours.

My account was suspended, what can I do?

If your account is suspended, please reach out to Cupid Media at

Why is the approval process so important?

Cupid wants to make sure that every user understands and follows our Terms of Use.

Why does Cupid need me to verify my identity to join?

This process allows their team to check that each profile is authentic and genuine. To do so, all members will be asked to provide a document that can verify they are who they say they are. You can send in a copy of your driver’s license, passport.