ThaiCupid Review

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Our Review: the Most Popular Thai dating site on the internet.

Boasting more than 1.5 million registered single members, Cupid Media’s ThaiCupid may be, as they claim, the largest Thai dating site on the web.  In keeping with Cupid media tradition, Thai Cupid eliminates the distance between match seekers no matter where they are located, bringing the unique culture of Thailand to your computer. Whether the one right match you have been looking for is next door, or it’s already the next day in their time zone, you’ll have no issue meeting eligible singles without having to travel to find them. With 34 niche dating sites, Cupid Media has a reputation for success, so check out our review and maybe try Thai Cupid today. We’ll cover memberships, cost, perks, upgrades and give an in-depth picture of what you can expect in finding your Thai match.

Members: more than 3000 daily logins.

With 3000 daily logins from their more than 1.5 million members, Thai Cupid could very well be the top Thai dating site on the internet.  Members are mostly men (85% of users) visiting the site from Thailand, the USA, UK, Germany, and France, but that is not to say that women from anywhere in the world could not find a match here too. The stats seemingly tell a tale of foreign men finding love with Thai women, so if that fits your demographic, this site is for you.  Clearly, Thai women are going to have an easier time finding a mate or a date on this site, but men are still encouraged to look as you may have that one unique quality the right girl is seeking.

The sign-up system, quick and easy.

You can sign up with Thai cupid through Facebook or with an email. Facebook sign up is faster,  as they are able to import all of the information you already entered in your profile and you can be online dating in a matter of minutes.  If you choose not to link your Facebook account, you can still create a new account using an email.  They will ask for age, gender, email address, age, and password preference.  Once you register, just click the “view Singles” button and you are off on a Thai matchmaking adventure.

It should be noted that we did experience some glitches with the site during our testing.  Approximately 80% of our accounts were terminated and unable to be restored by site administration.  The reasons for this are unclear as we did not violate any terms, our accounts were not idle, and admin support is unable to assist us.

Looking into this further, it appears that a few other users experienced a similar scenario.  One user, having just paid for a premium upgrade had her account removed for reasons she cannot determine.  Customer support is easy to access from the site, but she is still awaiting resolution of her concern.

This could be due to the tight security maintained by the site, and we wondered if it was because we were not interacting often with other members, but some of our long-dormant accounts are still active. While we support tight security measures, it should be noted that the site is strict on deleting accounts they think are fake, whether or not they are actual accounts.

Sending the first message: more than 1 way to skin a cat.

ThaiCupid offers several ways to contact others on their site unless you are a free member, in which case your options are limited. Paid members have access to features like instant messaging and the ability to message anyone on the site.  Those who join for free have a smaller pool of candidates because there is no real way to reach out to paid members.

Gold and Platinum Membership has advantages.  Becoming a paid member gets you to access to a better matching algorithm and better messaging options making sure you have the best chance of finding your perfect someone. Using the upgraded features is like having a personal search function tailored to our specific tastes, and the ability to message anyone on the site.  Free members cannot access advanced match, search or message features.

Look at the premium membership and an investment.  With more than 1.5 million singles, you want the best access for the best potential matches. ONCe upgraded you can use Cupid Tags (keywords) aimed at narrowing your search and finding the right one, as well as instant messenger functionality to make sure you contact that person first!  There is plenty of opportunities to make your money work for you.

On Filipino Cupid profile quality: ThaiCupid's steps to ensure fun.

ThaiCupid is a mostly paid website and saves most of its features for premium members and makes security a priority.  This works to a daters advantage as anyone paying for the site wants to avoid fake accounts and not waste time with people who aren’t serious.  They have taken extra steps to ensure a fun, safe place for singles to meet and find matches. Creating a complete profile on Thai Cupid is a bit time consuming, but this also works in your favor.  By filling out a detailed profile, you are able to get better matches, more people will trust that your account is not fake and you are less likely to have your account terminated by the admin. Adding hobbies, interests, education, and income, to name a few may increase the quality of your matches and help you find the right person, sooner.

Filipino Cupid Android App

ThaiCupid’s mobile app is currently available for Android through Google Play and for iOS through the Apple store (App store). Rather than loading a browser window on your phone, the app is a convenient way to get notifications and check in on your matches from anywhere. Too much time on the morning train?  Upload a new photo, create a new search or just check your notifications. If you are local to a match, you can even arrange a meet up while you are already on the go.

One note about the app though, is that it has not really kept pace with the times in terms of graphics. Indeed, the functionality is there, but it is not flashy, or much to look at.

Success Story & Review by Hugh (28)

“My sister created an account for me because apparently, she thinks I should be dating. I was never about online dating because I figured I could find someone on my own.  I’m not desperate, why do I need an online dating site? But, knowing I never win an argument with my sister, I tried it out.  Turns out, I had some nice conversations with some beautiful women.  Did I find “the one?” No, but that doesn’t mean my time was wasted! Signing up with Thai Cupid changed my ideas about online dating, and I can tell you it is certainly not desperate people on there.  It’s actually an effective way to find a girlfriend in today’s world. The stigma surrounding online dating sites is silly, I’ve met great people on here and honestly believe that some of them will turn into friends for life. I may not have found a girlfriend, but it certainly helped me explore the possibilities, and I am hopeful she is just a few clicks away..” – Hugh (28)

Is FilipinoCupid easy to use?

The site design and graphics content is similar to the other sites run by Cupid Media.  Finding your way around the site, using the features you want and finding a match may be easy, but it is not fancy or flashy.  Users age 30 and over may not really notice this as much, because it is similar t earlier style graphics and layout, but the younger crowd may be turned off as they are used to a slightly more in-depth visual appeal.  Either way, it is well organized and easy to find the buttons you want.

Costs and prices

Is Thai Cupid expensive or cheap?

When compared to other dating sites Thai Cupid can be considered average.

The website will tell you what the term of your membership is.  Unless you choose to opt out, your membership will auto renew at the end of the specified period.

To endure efficient processing and no unwanted charges, you should make any account changes at least 48 hours before the close of a billing cycle. 

Special features

Cupid Tags – specifying your preferences

Cupid tags are keywords that help you specify your preferences and attract others to your profile.  Show off your interests and your best features to draw the most compatible matches, as these are searchable terms.

Block List – blocking users you don’t want to chat with

ThaiCupid allows you to block users that you no longer wish to be in contact with.  You d not have to put up with offensive behavior, and you may place such individuals on your block list.

Verified Accounts – e-mailing a copy of your ID to

A great safety feature for you when looking for a match and for others to know you are serious is the certification feature.  By uploading an identification document, your profile can be verified.   You can do this quickly and easily by emailing

Instant Messenger

The instant messenger feature is limited unless you are a premium member. (Standard members do not have the same ability to use the messenger system as premium members)  There is a live chat option, and it does have a camera. This is great for Gold or Platinum members who can communicate with anyone but has limited value for standard members.

Our Verdict

ThaiCupid is a lot of fun!  It draws users from every corner of the world and with a priority on safety, creates a fun environment for all to find love. Customer support is easy to access and always available and if you have a concern about another user they are quick to assist you.  A large number of users and options that provides for members is a significant strength of this site.   With an emphasis on love not needing to be next door, it allows users from all over to still connect and not miss out just because they wouldn’t run into each other on the way to work.  Thailand just got a lot easier to visit! No matter what you are looking for,  ThaiCupid is an excellent place to find it.  Join now to maximize your chances of finding love, no matter where in the world it is.



How do I find out who is checking me out?

When members are interested, there is a list called –  “Who’s Interested In Me.” You can view their activity by selecting the activity menu and selecting “Interested In Me.”

How do I reply to someone who is interested in me?

Did someone show an interest in you? Great! Show your interest right back, or send them a message!

How do I search for members? has several ways to use its dominant search function. You can start a broad search and narrow it down by keyword or member number.  Remember those Cupid Tags?   This is where they are handy and can assist you in finding what you are looking for.

What is the photo approval process?

Your photo may not be offensive, and you must be able to see your face clearly.  All images are reviewed by the site admin to ensure that they comply with site policies.  You can expect your compliant photo to be accepted within 24-48 hours.

How do I change the order of my photos?

As long as you have no hidden or pending files, you can just drag and drop to reorder your photos.  Once you are happy with the new layout, just click submit and your changes are saved.

Membership and Payment

How do I cancel my auto re-billing?

Unless you have opted out, your membership will automatically renew for the period specified at your initial sign up.  You may cancel this at any time by visiting the “Billing” section in the Settings menu. You will see a place that asks if you want to auto-renew, and you need just click “no,” and you will be asked to confirm this choice.  Once you have confirmed, you will no longer receive automatic billing.  Note:  you should cancel a few days before the close of the billing cycle as it may take up to 48 hours to process a request.

What are the membership options available? offers a  Standard, Gold, and Platinum membership level.  The standard membership is free but has limited communication options.  Gold members can communicate/message any members regardless of their status as standard or paid. Platinum members are the highest tier and have the best access.  They can use any site feature and communicate freely with anyone using upgrades like translation, advanced match, and message translation.

How is my payment information kept secure? takes security seriously.  They do not sell or rent their user list and will not share your data.  Please review their strict privacy policy and know that all transactions are subject to SSL encryption.

I’m having technical difficulties with my payment.

Please know that Thai Cupid has specific hardware requirements which must be met to use their site.  This is due primarily to the privacy and security requiring certain features to be enabled to work correctly.  If it is a payment issue, and you have paid, but the site does not work, close out of your browser, clear your cache and open the site again.  If the issue persists, contact their customer support.

What payment methods are available?

ThaiCupid allows payment by check, credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer and other methods depending on your country.


How do I protect my privacy?

While there are many ways to remain safe online, ThaiCupid especially recommends email safety.  Specifically, create a new email address (Google, Hotmail, etc) that you use only for online dating.  Do not use a personal or work email.

How does protect my safety?

ThaiCupid has a world-class fraud detection team and takes security very seriously.

How do I keep my password secure?

Keep you ThaiCUpid password safe the same way you would your bank password.  Don’t tell anyone what it is, don’t type it into an email, don’t use your birthday or significant date and make it a combination of letters, numbers and symbols at least 6 characters long. Remember that nobody at ThaiCupid will ever ask you for your password.

How do I block a user from contacting me?

There are a few ways to block a bothersome user.  You can click the block user button right from the message you are reading, click the same button on their profile or instant messenger page.  A blocked user (whom you have barred from one of the “block user” buttons) will no longer be able to contact you.  You can review which members you have blocked by accessing your “Block list” from your home page.

How do I report abuse?

Just as you can block a user from many places, you can report a user just as quickly.  Within their message, instant messenger or on their profile you will see a “report abuse” button. Just click this button and provide as much information as you can.  The administration team will look into your concern and complete a thorough investigation.