Our Review is a vital member of the Cupid Media Party Like many of the Cupid Media family of sites, Indonesian Cupid offers an easy to use platform with full functionality. The name itself tells you what you are getting when you navigate to the page.

Well known for collecting only the very best Indonesian singles from around the globe, Indonesian Cupid is not just for Indonesians. There are plenty of Western singles looking to find love with an Asian flair on this site. While this is a serious dating site, and indeed, the majority of members are looking for long term relationships, there are some here who are just looking for temporary companionship or a good time. 

You should consider this your first stop if you are lead to the intrigue of Indonesia, the lure of an Asian companion or a Westerner especially, looking for something new. With the cultural differences, perhaps a language barrier, different time zones, and so many singles to meet, you may have found the most exciting way to add something special to your time!


The central theme at Indonesian Cupid is Indonesian singles finding their perfect match. Catering to a worldwide audience and hosting thousands of members, it lays claim to the title of “largest Indonesian dating site.” That translates to more opportunities for you!

As Asian dating gains popularity, the site is garnering interest from around the globe, and is not limited to those in Indonesia, but has become a staple of men around the world. While the main focus is serious relationships, and most are seeking this, there are still some on the site that may just be looking for a date or hangout.

With the main demographic around 24-42, the site hosts hundreds of users who are active daily with a user base in the tens of thousands. Indeed, the website is frequented mainly by men, there are still plenty of beautiful, eligible women waiting for you.

The sign-up system

All you need to sign up is a bit of personal information and an email address.  When you get to the site, you will have two options.  You can use your email and answer the age, gender, name, age, and country questions, or you can choose to sign in with Facebook.   The Facebook option is more straightforward, on click option,  as Indonesian Cupid can import your user profile and upload it directly to their site. Your Facebook profile picture will become your Indonesian Cupid profile picture automatically, but you can change it at any time.  Facebook sign-ups are safe since they only use the information you have already provided to Facebook.

Sending the first message

On Indonesian Cupid, there are a few ways to search for your perfect match.  As a standard member, you are able to search using filters such as profile photo, age, location, gender and how recently they have been active on the site.  Premium members enjoy more options including ethnicity, distance from a set point and profile popularity.

Messaging in Indonesian Cupid is a bit basic.  There is no free messaging, and those who do not have a premium membership will find it difficult to connect with other users.  Messaging does not support audio or video chat and may seem a bit outdated.

While messaging is not a free option, and requires a paid subscription, you can still “show interest” to members with a free membership. 

On Indonesian Cupid profile quality

Profiles on Indonesian Cupid are detailed.  From the standard personal information to personality traits, hobbies, likes, loves, and really don’t enjoy, the profiles on this site have everything you could want and more.

The profile section is available to all members.  This is an excellent benefit for free members, and all profiles can be viewed by every member on the site regardless of status.  You can see and edit your profile at any time, view another members profile, photos and upload your own images.  Even with a free membership, you can get yourself out there!

Always read a site’s terms and conditions. Failure to follow this critical step could lead to permanent deletion of your account. To maintain the highest level fo member security, Indonesian Cupid follows strict guidelines.

What about the Android App?

Indonesian Cupid has an easy to use android app available through Google Play. Once you download the app, you can log in with your website credentials, and you will automatically be directed to your matches.  While using the app, this will be your landing page.

While the website version has full profiles as the main feature, the app tends to focus on photos.  Here, the “show interest” heart icon will appear beneath a picture.  Clicking on the individual’s name will take you to the full profile.

What about iOS users?  Well, the app store does not have a version for you yet but worry not.  The website has a mobile version that is made for those looking to match on the go.

Real Life Review

“I was working abroad in Indonesia for a few years and used this site. Being a foreigner, I was surprised to find how well liked I was by the local women. (I assure you I am no Johnny Depp, but my looks were good enough!).

I enjoy how easy the site is to use. It may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done (If you’re willing to pay! Ha!). I have met so many amazing and beautiful women on this site. I have even been able to keep in touch with some of them. It’s great, now when I head back for vacation, it’s like returning to friends who have been waiting for me. My only complaint is, I wish there were more benefits for standard users. Don’t get me wrong, the app is excellent, but it may cost you some money before you can really enjoy what this site has to offer. .” – James, Contractor 37

Is easy to use?

Much like other sites int eh Cupid Media family, Indonesian Cupid has a basic layout, is well organized with clean graphics and is easy to use.

Simplicity comes with a price, and the generic design may not attract the interest of younger users. The site is undoubtedly user-friendly, but the 20th-century look and feel may not be appealing enough to some.

Perseverance is rewarded here though.  If you can get past the necessary graphics and move into the search feature, you will find the easy to use interface helpful in finding what you are looking for.  An added bonus is you will not be distracted or annoyed by unnecessary adds or graphics.

Indonesian Cupid Costs and Prices

Is Indonesian Cupid expensive or cheap?

When compared with other dating sites, Indonesian Cupid ranks average.

Of note, your membership will be automatically renewed when it expires. Upgrading to Premium membership is recommended as the best features are reserved for paying members.

Special Features

Even though may have simple graphics and an easy to use interface, it is not without benefits!


Cupid tags are like keywords.  Why search through entire pages of information, when you can sort through in a few words that have meaning for you.  Ti also allows you to tag your profile with the thing you feel makes you most attractive to other users or the things you want them to see mean the most to you.  These may be words that describe you, things you like to do or tell about your hobbies and interests.  This is a great way to get users to visit your profile and get some attention from members who share your interests.

Your Profile vs. Your Match’s Profile

Indonesian Cupid makes it easy to see your compatibility level.  They allow for a side by side comparison of your wants with their attributes.  You can instantly see how good your match is without even navigating past the profile page.  No need to contact people who don’t enjoy the same things you do means less wasted time.

Show Interest

The heart-shaped icon found next to a member’s profile is an easy way to let someone know you might want to start a conversation.  It’s a great way to let people know you are looking! 

Our Verdict

Indonesian Cupid is one of the most successful niche dating sites in the Cupid Media family. With over a million current members, the site is still growing daily. While it may seem that the site caters to Indonesians looking for a match, this is not the only demographic.  The site welcomes everyone, no matter the cultural background, so you’ll have no trouble finding your match here.  Whether you are looking for wedding bells and long term status,  just keeping things casual for now, or even just looking for friendship, there is something here for you. The appearance may remind you of times past, and yes, the visual aspect could use an upgrade, but the functionality is complete, and you aren’t missing anything over a flashy site.

It should be noted, that to have the best experience and get the most benefit, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.  Friends, fun, flings, or forever, this site has your Indonesian match.  Sign up for free today and start looking!


Account Management

How do I log in to the site?

Once you reach, you will see a button marked “Login.” Click the button, and it will ask for your email and password. 

How do I change my login email address in Indonesian Cupid?

Once logged in, go to your account, click “settings” and choose “Email Address.”

How do I change my email alerts?

Once logged in, go to your account, click “settings” and choose “Notifications.” This will take you to the page where you can select your alert preferences.

Profile Management

How do I add or change my additional profile information in Indonesian Cupid?

Once logged in, go to your account, click “edit profile” and select the tab that represents the information you would like to change.  Here you can not only improve your basic info, but you can add likes, interests, and hobbies. Note that the changes you make will not appear instantly as the site reviews all changes before posting.

How do I create a good profile?

The key to having a solid Indonesian Cupid profile is honest information. Whether you have been using the site for a while or this is your first time, keeping a profile up to date and full of crucial information is essential.  The more information you offer, the more likely it is that the matches you make will genuinely be compatible.  If you provide no information, the matches are more of a guess.    Feel free to share, don’t be shy!


What does “Show Interest” mean and how does it work?

The “Show Interest” button is found next to a member’s profile.  It is a heart-shaped icon that you can click to let a member know you are interested in their profile. The other user can respond in kind, and it’s a great way to give and get attention.

How do I search for members of Indonesian Cupid?

There are a few different ways to search for members. Below are some of these, but note, not all are available to free members and may require a paid upgrade.

  • Basic Search

The primary function is precisely that, pretty basic.  Your choices are age, location, gender, profiles with a photo only and when they last accessed the site. Basic Search allows you to search based on Gender, Age, Location, Only profiles with a picture, and Last active. You can change your search criteria at any time from the left menu on your member screen.

  • Advanced Search

In addition to the basic search, here you can add things like height, weight, ethnicity, religion.

  • Online Members

There are some “members online” button at the top of all site pages noting how many members are currently online. You can search for currently active members by clicking this button.

  • Matches

Most of the pages on the site have a “Matches” button at the top.  Clicking this will allow you to browse profiles that meet your match criteria.

  • More Searches

Additional search criteria are available such as Keywords, CupidTag, First Name, or Member Number and may be accessed through tabs on the “Advanced Search” page.

  • Popular Searches

There is a “Popular Searches” feature that allows you to view New Members, Most Popular Members, Latest Photos, In My Area, and Site-specific exclusive galleries that may be accessed through the “Advanced Search” page.

How do I use the Audio and Video features?

There are currently no available audio or video features on this site. Unfortunately, 

How do I use the message system in Indonesian Cupid?

Looking to send a message to another user? Just click the speech bubble icon found on each profile.  A box will pop up for you to type in, just type and send.

Note: This is not a standard feature and only paying members will have a full messaging capability. Standard members will see messages ONLY from paid members.

Technical Issues and Safety

What browser and system settings do I need to use

The following are required to ensure works correctly:

  • The most current version of your internet browser
  • The most current version of Flash Player
  • Java updated and enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Disable Pop-up blocker

Why do I keep receiving the message “Your session has timed out”?

To ensure the safety of its members, Indonesian Cupid has a default 20 min timeout.  After 20 minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out.

How do I keep my privacy?

Online safety is important, and it is suggested that you use an email created just for online dating rather than using your personal email.

How do I keep my password secure?

Never give anyone your login credentials.  Create a strong password by using at least SIX characters and use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.  Avoid your name and birthdate, and your password should be unique (don’t use the same password for everything) details.

How can I hide or display my photo in Indonesian Cupid?

Only Gold or Platinum members have this ability. From your management page, you can choose to display or hide your photo. Just click “Edit Photo” under the picture in question and click hide/unhide as desired.

Membership and Payments

What are the membership options available?

Indonesian Cupid offers three membership levels. Standard (free), Gold and Platinum ( both paid). Gold members have additional access to live chat with instant message options and can communicate via message with anyone. Platinum members, enjoy everything the site has to offer and is the best value.