Our Review

Previously known as Filipina Heart, it’s one of the best dating sites specifically for Filipinas meeting Western men. And they have over 3.5 million users worldwide! Created and operated by Cupid Media (who also created, with this website you’re is reliable hands too. Want to meet your love on the pretty shores of the Philippine islands? Then read on.


  • 1.100.000 from the US.
  • 4000 daily logins.
  • 40% male, 60% female.
  • Most users are looking to find love.
  • Most men are Western.
  • Women are mostly Philipina.

Most men who are active members are men of Western descent. And most women are women of Filipino descent. Most of the female users are in the 25-34 age range, while most men are one bracket above, at 35-54. It’s common to see Western users with a premium membership, and Filipina women without one. That’s because of multiple reasons. One is that Western men are proactive on this site, in contacting women they like. And there are a lot of women on this website. If you want to stand out, also get the verified badge, next to your premium membership because that’s a sign of trustworthiness. And most of the members clearly state on their profile that they are looking for a relationship. So this is a site that’s meant to create relationships, and not so much for the casual hookup.

The sign-up system

  • 1-3 minutes.
  • Registration is free.
  • Sign up with Facebook if you'd like (don't worry, it's discreet).

Creating an account requires you to fill out the necessary information, such as your first name, your gender, your age, your email address, and the password you wish to use for this website. After you’ve filled that out, you’ll be requested to upload a profile picture. If you have one ready to go, that’s a plus! You can also choose to upload a different one later on. After you’ve uploaded your profile picture, fill out a catchphrase, a paragraph about yourself, and a section about who you’re looking to meet on this website. Something along the lines of “I’m looking to build a reliable, trustworthy relationship” would be a great start, for many. You can also opt to write this at a later stage if you want to get a feel for the site first.

Sending the first message

  • Sending hearts is free.
  • Add women to your favorites list.
  • Sending the first message is only available to premium users.
  • Chatroom available

When your mouse is hovering over a profile in the member search, you’ll see five icons pop up at the bottom: view profile (free), message the user (premium), send a heart (free), add to your favorites (free), and instant chat (premium). Sending the first message in any interaction is a privilege only available to premium users as is with all websites created by Cupid Media.

There are also advanced search options available. How many search options you can use, depends on the level of your membership. The search filters might still work miracles with the free plan. You may search by tweaking data such as popular searches, age, tags, and more. You can find the most used search options on the left of your screen. And you can also scroll along the Filipina Bikini photo gallery – that’s where Filipina women upload their bikini pics!

Can I actually find quality people with quality profiles?

  • You can verify your profile, and earn a verified badge.
  • Premium users get a Premium symbol on their profile.
  • Detailed profiles to browse.

There is a ton of information on most profiles, and that’s because the “about me” section contains optional questions that people may answer at their pleasure. A profile has the photo on the left, and a quick summary on the right. And get this, there is a green circle if you match that user’s preferences! Which makes it easier to spot who might fancy a chat, and who wouldn’t. And right below that, you’ll find the user’s photo gallery. If you’re interested in that person, then you can see more of their information at the bottom end of their profile. This information usually contains a paragraph or two about said person, about their cultural values, hobbies, and lifestyle.

The Android App

  • Easy to browse through.
  • Easy to contact other users.

The app has the same features as the desktop version. While it does have a clean design and easy to find contact buttons, the app seems to make contacting other users more difficult. This may be due to the linear layout and results that rarely refresh. It can be tedious to scroll through multiple full-screen profile photos to get to the next matched user. Additionally, a user profile will remain in the member search results even if you have already made contact or added them as a favorite in your account.

Success Story & Review by Jack

Man, there is just something about Filipinas that make the average American guy swoon. Legit! I traveled to the Philippines last year, and I still can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Filipinos!  They were all so friendly and up for a good time. I didn’t want to leave!  (if I didn’t have a career I love waiting at home, I might not have!) When I got home,  I searched for Asian online dating sites, hoping to recreate some of the magic. What I found was two dating sites and, after checking them both out, signed up with FilipinoCupid. I’ve been a member for 6 months now and can’t say enough about how happy I am. It’s the next best thing to actually being in the islands with the beautiful Filipina women I met.  I have to say, while I don’t think we are exclusive just yet, there is one user I have been talking to daily and cannot wait to meet in person. We have plans to meet in her home country and travel through Asia together in the Spring.  It’s a dream come true! – Jack, Fire Marshall, 36

Is this site easy to use?

FilipinoCupid has a presentation that is easy to follow, nice to look at and functional. It is easy to pick out their red and white branding throughout the site. By using tabs and labels consistently through the site, they have made it very easy to find your way around. The top bar (menu) contains the main features of the website, while the bars on each side host the inbox, filters and other specific features. Of note, there are ads on this site.

Costs and prices

Is it expensive or cheap?

When compared to other similar sites,  FilipinoCupid falls on the high side of moderate.

At FilipinoCupid there are two memberships:  Gold and Platinum. For each level of membership, you can choose from three subscription options. (1 month, 3 months, and 12 months)  These are all billed in a single payment. Users who sign up for the one-year membership are given a 50% discount.  

Special features

Free members  do not receive access to any special features.  You will, however, have access to time-stamped profile view information and the ability to see how long it has been since another free member was last online.

Platinum members also have access to this feature:

Message Translation


If someone who uses another language messages you, the message will automatically be translated into your language of choice.  This is a huge selling point when there are users from multiple countries, and you don’t want to be limited in finding your match.

Our Verdict

FilipinoCupid is a safe place for non-Filipino members to meet and with gorgeous Filipinas. Many of the profiles on this site host “verified” badges meaning the identity of the profile has been researched, and the person is legitimate. This is a massive plus for safety as verified profiles eliminate the risk of fraudulent behavior.  The large membership makes it a great place to look for love in the Philippines.  Remember, signing up is free!



Is this site an international marriage broker?

FilipinoCupid is not a marriage broker, it is solely an online dating site.

Can I make an account even if I am not a Filipino?

Yes, they welcome everyone.

Can I join even if I am not from Western countries?

Yes, they welcomes everyone.


What do I need to join?

All you need to join is an email or a Facebook account.

Can I temporary deactivate my account?

You can choose to deactivate your account (and reactivate if you change your mind) by going to the settings and filling out a short form.

How do I delete my account?

The website will give you step by step instructions on how to do this.  Begin at your profile settings and click “profile off.”  You will be redirected and offered more guidelines.

Can I cancel my premium membership anytime?

Premium membership can be canceled anytime.  You will no longer be billed, but can enjoy all of the premium features through the end of the billing cycle in which you cancel.

Does FilipinoCupid offer refunds?

Refunds are only offered if you have not logged into the site, used any of the features or in other rare extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of FilipinoCupid.


How does FilipinoCupid work?

Once you add details to your profile, (both things about you and what you are looking for) the site searches its users for keyword matches and similar interests.

How does the matching algorithm work?

FilipinoCupid makes connections by using the information you submit in your profile and comparing it on multiple levels with that of other users. 

How do I chat?

There will be a “chat” icon next to each profile picture.  NOTE: this feature is only available to premium members.

Will my profile be seen even though I don’t use it?

Yes. Unless you have been inactive for 6 months, your profile is visible.  After a period of nonuse of longer than 6 months, your account will automatically be deactivated


Does FilipinoCupid offer verified profile badges?

Absolutely, you can go through the certification process and earn your badge as well as take comfort in knowing other users have been verified.

Is this a legitimate dating website?

Yes. They are owned and operated by Australia based company, Cupid Media.

Is it safe to use?

While, as with other sites, there is no way to guarantee safety completely, FilipinoCupid takes security seriously.  With certified badges and easy to access “report” buttons, they have made your safety and comfort a top priority.

What security features does FilipinoCupid offer?

FilipinoCupid is held to the privacy policies of all countries in which it operates. Terms and conditions are easily accessible, and you can decide which information you share.  All private information is held in strict confidence.  All users are required to complete the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) form to help ensure the safety and quality of the site.

I want to block a user. How do I do that?

There is a button on each user’s profile that allows you to report the user.  You may click this button or contact customer service.