Top 6 Filipina Dating Sites - List & Review

Most people consider Filipina women amongst the most beautiful, exotic, and loyal partners in this day and age. Men from all over the globe flock to their dating sites in hopes of securing a lifelong partner in marriage. A partner who is beautiful, both inside and out. Finding the right website to get matched with your soulmate is easy. I’m here to help. The most important thing about this site is that I’ll help you learn and understand the process of online dating. I collect intel from every reliable dating website and present it to my readers in an easy to follow format. This allows you to see the pros and cons, prices, and additional perks each company has to offer you. The information on this website is to help you find the highest quality dating site, in your search for love. Why not start here, today, by reading my reviews?


For men like you and me, finding that perfect girl is a dream come true. is easy to use AND knows our desires. As my #1 pick for finding Filipina love, I suggest you read my full review or visit the site directly.



As you and I know and feel, Filipinas are sizzling hot. That’s an excellent start for a long term partnership. And my second preferred option in meeting women online is That’s because they’ve hit the nail right on the head with their website. It’s easy to use!



Single men like you and me are often looking for a nice mix of ‘I can bring her home to my parents’ and ‘I’m really into her.’ And that’s where comes in handy. Their whole reason for being is to match you with women who share your Christian beliefs. Isn’t that what we’re looking for?



Pinalove is a creative website. That’s because they’ll bring men like you and me within arms reach of gorgeous women. With their easy setup, I’d strongly suggest that you give this site a go. 



As one of the longest-running dating platforms in the game, FriendFinder created FilipinoFriendFinder specifically for men like you and me, looking for the right woman. 



One of the most reputable websites when it comes to online dating (with over a million registered members!). It’s easy to use. Just create a profile, add your photos and look for your ideal partner. Create a profile by visiting their site, or read our review first before deciding.